Am no Befobi
Don't be Afraid
Bimaryen side in calun-kursi in hospital.
A patient was seated in a wheel chair in a hospital.
Te wawa.
He was crying.
Bante swal tas te ku te wawa keseba.
Somebody asked him why he was crying.
Bimaryen jawabu ki te le ore banto.
The patient replied that he heard something.
Insan swal tas te, "Yu le ore keto?"
The person asked him, "What did you hear?"
Bimaryen jawabu, "Mi le ore: Am no befobi, moyto xa sen bon."
The patient replied, "I heard, Don't be afraid, everything will be all right."
Insan loga, "Dento sen bon!"
The person said, "That's good!"
Bimaryen jawabu, "Mas dento beloga kanhoyen tas medisyen!"
The patient replied, "But that was said by the nurse to the doctor!"

Submitted by Srinivasan V R