Original Globasa Stories

Aselli Hikaye fe Globasa
Original Globasa Stories
Suikal Kraw
The Thirsty Crow
Hay kraw.
There was a crow.
Te sen suikal.
It was thirsty.
Te xerca sui.
It searched for water.
Te oko kaxa
It saw a container
mas sui sen fe infer.
but the water was at the bottom.
Te fikir dur bankwanti watu.
It thought for some time.
Te preporta bannumer lilpetra ji
It brought some pebbles and
te plasi oto cel in kaxa.
placed them in the container.
Sui ata cel super.
The water came up.
Te glu sui.
It drank the water.
Te sen hox, ji te awfley.
Happy, it flew away.
—Fal Srinivasan V R
—By Srinivasan V R