Здесь хорошо - How Fair This Spot - Hin Dome is Meli

Здесь хорошо
It is nice here
Hin dome is meli
"This place is beautiful"

Взгляни, вдали
Take a look, far away
Am oko, teli
"Look, far"

Огнём горит река
The river is burning with fire
Denpul kom atex, nahir brila
"Like fire, the river shines"

Цветным ковром луга легли
The meadows are covered with a colored carpet
Denpul kom kolordo farxu, grasli geo leta
"Like a colored carpet, the meadows (grasslands) lie"

Белеют облака
The clouds are turning white
Megu dupul sefidecu
"The clouds have been turning white (The clouds are gradually turning white)"

Здесь нет людей
There are no people here
Hinloka hay nilte
"Here there is nobody"

Здесь тишина
There is silence
Hinloka hay walsoti
"Here there is silence"

Здесь только Бог да я
It's only God and me here
Hinloka hay sol Teo ji mi
"Here there is only God and I"

Цветы, да старая сосна
Flowers and an old pine tree
Flura ji lawo pinu
"Flowers and an old pine tree"

Да ты, мечта моя!
And you, my dream!
Ji yu, misu roya!
"And you, my dream!"